PhD Studentships available for start in 2015

BBSRC EastBIO DTP has 3 Advertised projects

Title: Neural Correlates of Human Motion Processing
Supervisors: Justin Ales and Julie Harris
Link: http://www.eastscotbiodtp.ac.uk/neural-correlates-human-motion-processing

Title: Visual processing of motion in healthy ageing
Supervisors: Julie Harris and Karin Pilz (Univ. Aberdeen)
link: http://julieharrislab.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/2014/11/21/phd-studentship-2015/

Title: Brain processes and mechanisms underlying the human 3D experience
Supervisors: Dhanraj Vishwanath and Justin Ales
link: http://www.eastscotbiodtp.ac.uk/brain-processes-and-mechanisms-underlying-human-3d-experience   http://pexlab.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/phd-studentship-available-bbsrc-eastbio/

For more information contact individual supervisors:
Justin Ales: jma23@st-andrews.ac.uk
Julie Harris: jh81@st-andrews.ac.uk
Dhanraj Vishwanath: dv10@st-andrews.ac.uk

Want to join us as a researcher? We welcome speculative applications at any time from starting scientists who are interested in applying for research fellowships and from prospective postgraduate students to discuss possibilities for funded PhD projects. Please contact the specific lab you are interested in working with.

If you are a St Andrews student looking for an undergraduate summer internship, or interested in a PhD project, any of the investigators would be pleased to chat about possibilities. Drop us an email to let us know.