Perception Club Journal Article List

Anyone who would like to present journal-club type presentations at a Perception Club meeting is advised to choose one or more articles from the curated list of articles shown below. Presentation of multiple articles on a particular theme or approach is especially welcome. This list is generated by the group based on level of interest. Each member is responsible for adding the link(s) to paper(s) that have been voted to be on this list at the weekly meetings. At the bottom of the page is the list of journals that will be monitored for interesting articles by each individual member. Presenters are encouraged to provide at least some basic material (figures, stimuli images, etc.) via powerpoint slides in order to lead the discussion.

If you have an article you would like to be presented that is in a journal you are not curating, please feel free to suggest it at the beginning of the meeting.

If you wish to present an article not on this list, then please email it (or a link) around a couple of days before your journal club to make sure everyone is happy with it!

List of papers suggested in 2017

  • Beier, C., Hovhannisyan, A., Weiser, S., Kung, J., Lee, S., Yeong, D., … Sher, A. (2017). Deafferented adult rod bipolar cells create new synapses with photoreceptors to restore vision. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(17), 4635-4644.
  • Boutonnet, B., & Lupyan, G. (2015). Words jump-start vision: A label advantage in object recognition. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(25), 9329-9335.
  • Brielmann, A. A., & Pelli, D. G. (2017). Beauty requires thought. Current Biology, 27(10), 1506-1513.
  • Caetta, F., Gorea, A., & Bonneh, Y. (2007). Sensory and decisional factors in motion-induced blindness. Journal of Vision, 7(4).
  • Campana, F., Rebollo, I., Urai, A., Wyart, V., & Tallon-Baudry (2016). Conscious vision proceeds from global to local content in goal-directed tasks and spontaneous vision. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(19), 5200-5213.
  • Cong, L.-J., Wang, R.-J., Yu, C., & Zhang, J.-Y. (2016). Perceptual learning of basic visual features remains task specific with training-plus-exposure (TPE) training. Journal of Vision, 16(13), 1-13.
  • Gamble, C. M., & Song, J.-H. (2017). Dynamic Modulations of illusory and physical target size on separate and coordinated eye and hand movements. Journal of Vision, 17(3), 1-23.
  • Huestegge, L., & Bockler, A. (2016). Out of the corner of the driver’s eye: Peripheral processing of hazards in static traffic scenes. Journal of Vision, 16(2), 1-15.
  • Krakauer, J. W., Ghazanfar, A. A., Gomez-Martin, A., MacIver, M. A., & Poeppel, D. (2017). Neuroscience needs behavior: correcting a reductionist bias. Neuron, 93(3), 480-490.
  • Paeye, C., Collins, T., & Cavanagh, P. (2017). Transsaccadic perceptual fusion. Journal of Vision, 17(1), 1-11.
  • Patten, M. L., Mannion, D. J., & Clifford, C. W. G. (2017). Correlates of perceptual orientation biases in human primary visual cortex. The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 37(18), 4744-4750.
  • Pilz, K. S., Miller, L., & Agnew, H. C. (2017). Motion coherence and direction discrimination in healthy aging. Journal of Vision, 17(1), 1-12.
  • Schindel, R., Rowlands, J., & Arnold, D. H. (2011). The oddball effect: Perceived duration and predictive coding. Journal of Vision, 11(17), 1-9.
  • Victor, J. D., Thengone, D. J., & Conte, M. M. (2013). Perception of second- and third-order orientation signals and their interactions. Journal of Vision, 13(4), 1-21.

List of papers suggested on 12/01/2016

  • Yang, Kanazawa, Yamaguchi, & Motoyoshi (2015). Pre-constancy vision in infants. Current Biology 25, 3209–3212.
  • Fulvio, Rosen, & Rokers (2015). Sensory uncertainty leads to systematic misperception of the direction of motion in depth. Atten Percept Psychophys, 77, 1685-1696.
  • Clery, J., Guipponi, O., Odouard, S., Wardak, C., & Ben Hamed, S. (2015). Impact Prediction by Looming Visual Stimuli Enhances Tactile Detection. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(10), 4179–4189.
  • Lin, J. Y., Murray, S. O., & Boynton, G. M. (2009). Capture of attention to threatening stimuli without perceptual awareness. Current Biology : CB, 19(13), 1118–22.
  • Hervais-Adelman, A., Legrand, L. B., Zhan, M., Tamietto, M., de Gelder, B., & Pegna, A. J. (2015). Looming sensitive cortical regions without V1 input: evidence from a patient with bilateral cortical blindness. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 9(October), 1–12.
  • Kane, D., Guan, P., & Banks, M. S. (2014). The limits of human stereopsis in space and time. The Journal of Neuroscience : The Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 34(4), 1397–408.
  • Wade, Nicholas J., Capturing Motion and Depth Before Cinematography,
    Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, Vol. 25, Iss. 1, 2016, doi: 10.1080/0964704X.2015.1070029
  • Gojko Žarić, Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Shigeaki Nishina, Peter De Weerd, Takeo Watanabe; Perceived temporal asynchrony between sinusoidally modulated luminance and depth. Journal of Vision2015;15(15):13. doi: 10.1167/15.15.13.

List of papers selected on 13/01/2014

List of papers selected on 26/08/2014

All papers are 2014

  • Kaneko & Stryker, Sensory experience during locomotion promotes recovery of function in adult visual cortex (elife)(link)
  • Kim et al., Space–time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina (link)
  • Steinmetz and Moore, Eye Movement Preparation Modulates Neuronal Responses in Area V4 When Dissociated from Attentional Demands (link)
  • Kaiser, Stein and Peelen, Object grouping based on real-world regularities facilitates perception by reducing competitive interactions in visual cortex (link)
  • Cohen et al., Processing multiple visual objects is limited by overlap in neural channels (link)
  • Michael, Gardelle and Summerfield, Priming by the variability of visual information (link)
  • Sridharan, Ramamurthy, Schwarz and Knudsen, Visuospatial selective attention in chickens (link).
  • Kiani, Cueva, Reppans and Newsome, Dynamics of Neural Population Responses in Prefrontal Cortex Indicate Changes of Mind on Single Trials, (Link)
  • Kok and Lange, Shape Perception Simultaneously Up- and Downregulates Neural Activity in the Primary Visual Cortex (link)
  • Zhang et al., Misbinding of Color and Motion in Human Visual Cortex (link)

List of papers selected on 18/02/2014

  • Burge & Geisler (2014) Optimal disparity estimation in natural images (JoV) (link)
  • Eimer & Grubert (2014). Spatial Attention Can Be Allocated Rapidly and in Parallel to New Visual Objects. Current Biology, 24(2), 193-198. (link to paper)
  • Johnson, L., Sullivan, B., Hayhoe, M. & Ballard, D. (2014) Predicting human visumotor behaviour in a driving task. Proc Royal Soc B (link to paper)
  • Kasparson, A.A., Badridze, J. & Maximov, V.V. (2013). Colour cues proved to be more informative for dogs than brightness. Proc Royal Soc B (link to paper)
  • Klein, Zatorre (2014). Representations of Invariant Musical Categories Are Decodable by Pattern Analysis of Locally Distributed BOLD Responses in Superior Temporal and Intraparietal Sulci . Cereb. Cortex (link to paper)
  • Lugtigheid, A.J., Wilcox, L.M., Allison, R.S. & Howard, I.P. (2013). Vergence eye movements are not essential for stereoscopic depth. Proc Royal Soc B (link to paper)
  • Saleem ABAyaz AJeffery KJHarris KDCarandini M. (2013) Integration of visual motion and locomotion in mouse visual cortex. Nat. Neurosci. (link to paper)
  • Rosa Lafer-SousaBevil R Conway (2013) Parallel, multi-stage processing of colors, faces and shapes in macaque inferior temporal cortex. (link to paper)
  • Thoen H.H., Martin J.H., Chiou T.H., Marshall J. (2014). A different form of color vision in mantis shrimp. Science (link to paper)
  • How M.J., Zanker, J.M. (2013). Motion camouflage induced by zebra stripes. (link to paper)
  • Qamar, A. T., et al. (2013) Trial-to-trial, uncertainty-based adjustment of decision boundaries in visual categorization PNAS 110 (50) 20332-20337 (link to paper)

  • Battaglia, P. W., Hamrick, J.B. & Tenenbaum, J. B. (2013) Simulation as an engine of physical scene understanding PNAS 2013 110 (45) 18327-18332 (link to paper)

  • de Gee, J. W., Knapen, T. & Donner, T.H. (2014) Decision-related pupil dilation reflects upcoming choice and individual bias PNAS 111 (5) E618-E625 (link to paper)

  • Ludwig, C.J.H., Davies, J & Eckstein, M (2014) Foveal analysis and peripheral selection during active visual sampling PNAS 2014 111 (2) E291-E299. (link to paper)

  • Cox, M.A. et al. (2014) Receptive field focus of visual area V4 neurons determines responses to illusory surfaces PNAS 2013 110 (42) 17095-17100. (link to paper)


List of papers selected on 11/03/2014
Behrad Noudoost1, Kelsey L. Clark1, and Tirin Moore1,2, (2014) A Distinct Contribution of the Frontal Eye Field to the Visual Representation of Saccadic Targets (J Neuro)

Sameer Saproo1,2,3 and John T. Serences3,4 (2014) Attention Improves Transfer of Motion Information between V1 and MT (J Neuro)

Marianna Yanike1 and Vincent P. Ferrera1,2 (2014) Representation of Outcome Risk and Action in the Anterior Caudate Nucleus (J Neuro)

Itai Hershenhoren1,2, Nevo Taaseh1,2, Flora M. Antunes1,3, and Israel Nelken1,2,3 (2014) Intracellular Correlates of Stimulus-Specific Adaptation (J Neuro)


List of Assigned Journals

The following is the list of journals and assigned names (everyone chose one and those not present were assigned one–if you are not happy with what you have been assigned, you can swap with someone.) If i am missing someone let me know.

Andy (Proc Royal Soc B); David (Nature Neuroscience); Dhanraj (PNAS); EmmanuEL (Cerebral Cortex); Julie (Nature); Justin (J. Neuro); Olivier (PLOS biology); Philip (Science); Tom (Current Biology)

Daniela (Neuron) – Because of time constraints this semester, I’ll have to opt out of/miss out on  curated papers and tutorials in the Perception Club. I’ll be happy to present and to attend sessions where people discuss own research and experiment ideas.